Coronavirus (Covid-19) Tests

Choose which Coronavirus (Covid-19) test is right for you.  

Fit to Travel – If you need a test and Fit to Travel certificate, please choose either PCR or Antigen test and purchase on the website.  These can be done In Clinic or At Home

Test to Release – if you need a Test to Release certificate, you can book a 30 minute Antigen test to be done In Clinic or At Home.  Please note, if you choose the ‘At Home’ test, we will arrange a video consultation to ensure that you can be confident of the result.

At Home Self-Test Only  – If you just need a test, you can choose between a PCR or Antigen test.  We will post these complete complete with instructions, swab, test tube and post-ready packaging..

The turnaround times for our PCR tests are Next Day or 24-48 hours (once your sample arrives at the lab) depending on what is right in your circumstances.

You can find out more about how to do the test here and read more on our FAQ page.