What is ‘Test to Release’?

Dr Joachim Stolte

Published: 11/03/21

What do the Government guidelines say?

‘Test to Release’ is a UK Government scheme to allow travellers who come back from certain countries to be able to shorten their quarantine with a minimum of TWO negative Covid 19 tests.

From 1 March, you’ll need to take a test on Day 2 and Day 8 of your quarantine.  If your Day 2 test is negative, you can take an extra test of Day 5.  If this is also negative, then you will be able to stop quarantining.  However, you’ll still need to take a Day 8 test to confirm that you are still testing negative for Covid-19.

When you book your tests with us, we will give you two unique numbers for your Passenger Locator Form, one for Day 2 and one for Day 8.

What sort of test do I have to do?

Because the Government are keeping an eye on the variants, Day 2 and Day 8 will be PCR tests which will be processed at an external laboratory who are equipped to test for any new variants.

However, if you require a Day 5 test (if you tested negative on Day 2), you can order this as an additional test. This will also be processed at an external laboratory.

Should I order tests before I go?

Since you’ll be doing your first test on Day 2, it’s advisable to get ready and order well in advance.  We have a reduced price when you purchase multiple tests, and full instructions will be included in each pack.

What if I’m travelling back from countries on the ‘Red’ List?

‘Test to Release’ isn’t suitable if you are returning from these countries, as you’ll be quarantining in a hotel and PCR tests will be organised for you as part of your stay.

As this is a fast-moving situation, it’s best if you keep up to date with which countries are on the ‘Red’ List.  You can find an up-to-date list here on the Government website.

Photo credit: CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash